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This week begins with some family-related news that will make you smile. There’s finally something good to celebrate, so you will meet with your loved ones.

The planets will make it easy for Virgo to enjoy passionate nights and much reconciliation. Jealousy and grudges of the past are forgotten, at least for you. You won’t have a problem at giving another opportunity to an old partner.

You will try to be very clear with that person and you will set a series of guidelines that will have to be respected. You’re not willing to be humiliated again nor fooled in love.

When the moment to meet some people has come, beware of the pessimistic ones who can only talk about happenings, sickness and problems. Right now you need a change in your life and this type of people should be left out from it.

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It will be a busy week at work. For some reason, everything will be against you. Those documents you had saved in your computer will be deleted, you will lose folders with report…etc There will be a series of events that will make you very angry and, as much as you try to make yourself clear, nobody will understand you.

Calm down, Virgo, ask some colleague to help you. You won’t be able to deal with all the responsibilities you’ve been given on your own.

Routine is becoming more and more boring to you and whenever you try to make some changes or try something new, someone will come and prevent you from doing it. You don’t understand why your bosses won’t let you go on with your ideas.

You treat all your workmates equally in the office, that’s why you’ll earn their respect and you’ll become an important person in your workplace.


You will ration your strengths this week, you expect a series of events during the weekend and you know you will end up more tired than usually.

You need some time to put your thoughts and ideas in order. Will you make a trip or leave it for another occasion? Should I go to the doctor to check that stomach ache?  You can’t find an answer to some issues you’re concerned about.

Instead of talking to a friend about this, you will feel much better if you write all your thoughts on a notebook or a journal.