Virgo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




The Stars of the Magic Horoscope are spoiling you very harmonically this week. Thanks to them, you will receive a good dose of passion that will help you engage your partner in any adventure you suggest.

You have a very bold side, but you don’t know if you’re handling it correctly or you’re exaggerating with the spice you add to your life.

Some days you could promise your partner to take them to the seventh heaven, or you could promise them the moon. However, remember you must fulfill your promises, so you’d better make realistic ones.

Individual communication grows, Virgo, that’s why you will be able to meet new people who will take make you meet new ways of experiencing passion. Don’t be too visceral, you could miss some flavour from the present.

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Your career won’t be your biggest concern. You can handle your routine at work and you will be pleased there’s nothing unexpected. You won’t complain.

However, be careful and don’t relax too much, that way you will avoid mistakes. Make sure you double-check all your tasks, don’t forget anything important.

You will have to be much more accurate with your home economy, Virgo, there’s no error margin, you will even have to use your calculator so that everything fits in your budget.

Go over your bills and your debts, some belated payments could carry an extra cost that you could have saved. Also, don’t even consider installment purchases, don’t spend more money than you already have.


The influence of Saturn in your health sector means that you need to start to adopt healthy habits again. You know the moment has arrived when the scale in your bathroom shows you a higher number than you expected.

Remember to live the present, leave behind that illness that caused you so much trouble and you’ve already overcome. It’s time you let these ghosts go.

Also, step forward and be brave enough to try new activities and sports that always called your attention but you had never tried before. Now or never, Virgo!