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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week

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The week will start in a very special way: someone around you is having a hard time and you’ll be able to help them with the warmth of your hugs. This will also improve your mood. On Christmas Day, the stars will bring you a gift: Virgos will find love.

You’ll encounter some difficulties in communicating with others during the week, it’s because you are unable to solve some internal problems. On Thursday, understanding and generosity will disable the feelings of regret and guilt.

It’s not a good moment to beat about the bush, Virgo. On Friday you’ll have a possibility to grow as a person next to someone very special. Don’t waste your efforts in vain and strange love affairs or virtual relationships.

This weekend your character may switch back to being more closed and sullen. However, on Sunday you’ll be illuminated to see the bigger picture.

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Monday may be a good time for Virgo to give a hand at home preparing for celebrations. There are many things to do, and you’ll be very inspired. Although Mars comes with some bonuses, don’t get obsessed with money.

Intangible things will play an important role in your life this week, focus on it.

Take advantage of these days and have a break to ponder and rebuild some strategies so that you come back to work with more energy and success guarantees in your finances. You’ll also succeed if you stop working alone and rely on others.

On Friday, mental brilliance that the starts reward you with may lead you to be the best in organizational and planning work. The high point of the week will be on Saturday, because your creativity will give you impetus to achieve everything you aim for.

Ambition is the right tool to achieve your dreams, but at the weekend put this idea in perspective by contemplating the possibility of failure as another face of success.


This Monday your personal well-being will allow you to enjoy life at its best with your loved ones. To achieve this, you have to defeat the pain with a smile. On Tuesday unimportant muscular pains cannot keep you from your normal activities.

This Wednesday will be perfect for stretching and mild exercise, but resting and disconnecting must still be a priority. Start a gradual recovery of your body. However, on Thursday you will still feel strong pains in the joints and extremities.

To solve these life complicating problems, it is important to add celery to your diet, which has diuretic and detox properties.

Friday will finally bring you good news: you’ll be able to think clearly, the pains will disappear and you’ll have more mental agility. However, it will only be a mirage: on Saturday your health will take a downturn and you will start to feel worse.

All of this will point to the need to make health your number one priority this week. The Magical Horoscope recommends Virgo an aura cleansing on Sunday.


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