Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars this week. | Magic Horoscope


A good way to advance in your personal relationships will be communicating with honesty. There are issues that you consider complicated and prefer not to deal with in order to avoid arguing but they will build emotional baggage.

This week you will have moments of doubt, you don't really know what decision to make regarding your love life and although you'd like to be generous and kind, it just doesn't come naturally.

Some Virgos will need moments of solitude, perhaps as a result of uncertainties and various doubts. You won't get used to the calm routine and this time it will be hard for you to be creative when you try to spice up your love life.

Some Virgos won't be able to avoid arguments at home. Keep in mind that trivial matters can end up opening Pandora's Box. Control your temper before it's too late.

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This week will be particularly good for writing and signing any type of contract. Even if you might be dealing with someone who's reliable, check each document you sign carefully, as sometimes people take advantage of ambiguities to their favour. You don't want to be a winner, you want to be honest and fair to each part. You don’t like lies or double meanings.

Your household economy will benefit from good energies this week. You can expect good news, especially if you're already waiting for an answer.

Your work and efforts will allow you to have responsibilities. Do your tasks well and you will have no problem in securing your material future.


Take advantage of the exciting current projects you have in your hands in order to stay fit. These projects will help you overcome the challenges that otherwise can end up blurring your horizon.

It is a good time to give up bad habits, to start diets or even to undergo a medical intervention that you have been postponing for some time, out of fear of going through the operating theatre.

If you’re a Virgo who usually spends a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, you will have to make some efforts to walk more or you could end up suffering from back problems.