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This week you will try to enjoy a moment of well-being and serenity in your marriage, you feel very confident and you trust the person you’re sharing your life with.

The Sun will bring light to the shadows in your life and monotony will be interrupted by surprises and illusion. New projects will make you two shine and will let the Universe take you to where you belong.

You will be able to feel happy if you really want to and you focus all your energy on this objective. It’s not a utopia, it’s up to you, Virgo!

Arguments will harm those lovers who have a distant relationship, making up won’t be easy at all. Actually, in some cases, the best intentions will be misunderstood and will become even worse.

The key to abandon your single life could be in your circle of friends. If you’re single, pay attention to the signs of love you receive.

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If you’re able to be calm you will enjoy a fantastic sense of opportunity to save (or make) money, even if you still are in danger of risking too much. You will have to be very smart not to invest your savings in businesses that won’t bring any benefit even if they seem safe.

You will appreciate new situations, will gladly accept changes and will know how to act with determination and consistency. You know reaching the top is your objective, but you must enjoy the journey as well, Virgo.

Your judgement must prevail when making decisions at work, especially if you’re offered a new position in a different company, or even changing your career! Analyse the situation calmly and decide what would help you grow as an individual.


You will find out by yourself (or thanks to someone close to you) new trends that will improve your physical and spiritual well-being and you will discover benefits in products you would have never imagined. Massages are very beneficial, but only as long as they’re made by a professional.

The Stars favour those who exercise in the company of animals, but if you don’t have the chance of horse riding you can always head to the gym, such is life!

You will be very aware of your limitations, you won’t force yourself and will be able to channel the thoughts that torture your soul without stopping at any given time.