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Virgo Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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On Monday you’ll say goodbye to the year with good mood, gratitude and the warmth of your loved ones, as long as you keep melancholic feelings away: don't let the memories of the past ruin your evening. The year will begin with some tension in your couple life, so you should be sensible and maintain your autonomy.  

There is no doubt that the new year will start off on the wrong foot, as far as emotions are concerned. On Wednesday you won’t be lucky in love; and you’ll find out a friend’s secret that you’ll wish not to know.

Given the scenario, you’ll logically find it difficult to communicate. On Thursday the starts suggest that Virgos should express with flowers things they cannot express in words. Do you know that each flower has its own meaning?

On Friday a betrayal of a friend will take you back to frustration, but don’t stay there licking your wounds, take advantage of the situation to learn something new. On Saturday you’ll learn the value of a true friendship, and someone least expected can become a very special person in love. A new relationship will start on Sunday.

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Monday won't be a good day to think about money and work problems. If you start to think positive, things will take a surprising turn. Don't let your guard down, Virgo, and protect your safety on the first days of the year.

Although you might feel somewhat frustrated at work at the beginning of the year, on Wednesday you’ll be very inspired to do housework or dedicate time for hobbies that make you feel complete. When it comes to finances, you’d better stay away from money for a few days.

Friday will be very special, you may become a leader if you acknowledge the influence you have on others and use this power in a positive way and not step on people. New opportunities are awaiting you on Saturday and Sunday comes with interesting offers.


On the last day of the year you’ll be blessed with power and wisdom, and overflowing joy will make the physical discomfort go away for a few hours. However, it will be a temporary thing, as on Tuesday you’ll feel like you are starting the year at a very low level, even though it’s only a bump.

In fact, on Wednesday the weakness of your body will lead to possible illnesses. It’ll be important to check the sight and the teeth, and focus on your health in general. However, on Thursday you´ll be much more positive and eager to activate your body.

On Friday Virgos, especially men, will face some hair problems, which will lead to taking more care of it and strengthening the roots. The week will end blissfully: it is very important that you do physical exercise and walk in the natural environment on Saturday. Connecting with nature will help you to unite mind, body and spirit.

The prediction of the stars for Sunday promises you good health that will make you feel powerful and able to do lots of things on such a hectic day.

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