Virgo Weekly Prediction for 4-10 February

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Why are you so demanding with the people around you? Sometimes you present yourself as too perfectionist and that can lead to a problem, especially with your partner and family.

You should assume that things won't always be done the way you want them to be done, since everyone is free to make their own decisions. This may make you angry, but it's not worth getting upset about.

After a time of sentimental crisis perhaps the time has come to take a break, that each one starts their way alone and with the passage of days possibly you realize how much you need. This will undoubtedly be a test of love.


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You can't stand idly by when it comes to money. That money you have saved can bring you a series of benefits if you manage to invest it correctly. The same happens if you have an empty house. Take advantage of this time of year to rent it and get some extra money that will be very good for you, Virgo.

In recent times you have used excessively the credit card and your accounts have been quite depleted. From now on you will change your approach and you will only carry cash. It will be a way to control your spending.

After making several purchases, of which you have boasted in excess, it is not convenient that now you go to a friend to ask for some money to finish the month without burden. He or she will most likely recommend that you get rid of everything you bought.


Run away from spaces with too many people, you end up being overwhelmed at the moment when you are surrounded by many people. You prefer to stay at home and enjoy only the company of your own.

You are less and less sociable because of bad experiences you had in the past. It wouldn't hurt to rent a house in the country so that nobody would bother you. You are tired of the noise of the neighbors, of the traffic of vehicles and of the pollution.

When you return home again you will do so with your batteries charged and with the desire to eat the world. It is logical after sleeping eight hours a day and eating a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables.