Virgo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The influence of the Stars is good this week. You’re a pretty protected sign. Your heart won’t suffer these days (unless you do something on purpose, of course).

Happiness starts appearing in your day to day. You will feel like sharing pleasant moments with your family and your other half, and you will even feel generous enough you will give some presents. If you have children, these days will be perfect to introduce your new partner, the influence of the Stars will favour a good response.

If you’re responsible for someone such as your children, you will be sweet but strict. You want to show life is not easy. Some decisions will be painful or complicated, but you will do what’s best for everyone, Virgo.

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You want to change everything. Virgo, you’re thinking about leaving your comfort zone and provoking some change in your life. You must force certain things. You need actions to have reactions.

Renew your contacts, rescue old friendships and discover new universes. There are professional fields you haven’t ever checked and could bring you a lot of profit. You are the only one who can stop you from getting to the top.

Your good humour is infectious, you will create great celebrations at home with the scarce resources you have, and you’re able to make the grumpiest person in your office smile.


It’s a fantastic day to renovate your inner universe. Analyse what are the conflicts within you and start working on their solutions. Maybe you could go to therapy with a psychologist.

Change your schedule, go to a natural environment where you can get lost. Ask for a holiday, if you can. Help your mind get rid of those thoughts from the past with the benefits of a healing trip. Natural remedies will also be very beneficial and you will make good use of some infusions.