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Having an easy and pleasant relationship is easier than you thought. Of course, there are occasions when you will have to adapt to the other person’s needs, they won’t always do exactly what you like.

It’s ok to change your attitude, blackmailing and imposing your own conditions all the time is not the way to succeed in love. Now you stopped thinking only about you and you started asking for the approval of your partner in order to do something.

When you are with a Gemini you never know what can happen. A simple discussion can turn into a great argument. Differences will always exist in every relationship, as much as you try to avoid it.

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You feel like spicing things a little bit after this quiet time. You will invest some money that was sitting in your bank in an unknown product or stocks. You want to make profit as quickly as possible, but be careful because this move can go wrong.

You always need to pay attention to the advice you will receive from experts, they will be able to guide you better than anyone else.

This week will be the right one to go to job interviews. Act natural and let the other person lead the conversation. Answer to all the questions and appear confident. This way they will appreciate your knowledge and they will also see that you are honest.


You will feel nostalgic when thinking of someone who is not here anymore. You will also feel regret for some decisions you made in the past which eventually didn’t favour you too much.

Maybe it’s moment to move on and find new goals in your life. Why don’t you join in some sports classes to meet people? You need to make new friends because you don’t find the people around you very pleasant anymore.

Be ready to feel discomfort in your joints. Maybe you’re not using the right footwear to exercise or walk.

You know this is not going to be your week, so you will try to go through it without causing mayor incidents.