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The week will be especially difficult for Virgos, who’ll face an enormous challenge of overcoming emotional difficulties to reverse the situation.

According to the position of the planets, on Monday those born under the sign of Mercury will suffer a painful separation. Saying goodbye and losing love is always a drama, but those tears can become knowledge that will make you stronger. Metabolize your pain.

On Wednesday another failure in love will leave you on the brink of depression accompanied by curses, guilt and self-flagellation which will get you down completely. Don't be so hard on yourself, Virgo, love will reappear.

On Saturday the 12th that feeling of low vitality and energy that you’ve had in the last few weeks will reach its peak. Sometimes we can't change events, but we can change the way we look at them. 

On Tuesday new people will show up in your life, and on Thursday and Friday you’ll experience exciting emotions. Games and fantasies will spice up your sex life at the weekend. Why not believe in life again, Virgo? 

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Your strong personality, perseverance and perfectionism make you a very influential leader for the people around you, who’ll have to give their best and honest advice on Monday. However, Virgo, the week demands you to step forward.

On Tuesday intellectual tasks will be very beneficial for Virgos, however, you’ll be mistaken if you focus on self-complacency. It’s smarter to ambitiously pursue a better position, more success and recognition at work.

Also, on the 12th Virgos must break free from the limitations of current work that suppress their genius. It's time to think about working on your own, about turning your passion into a profession. On Wednesday lack of money can make you too conservative.

On Thursday and Friday you’ll be satisfied with your work, but you have to be more constant and avoid excesses and laziness. You’ll receive bad news on Sunday that will test your ability to cope.  


The beginning of the week will be upsetting for Virgos because the good shape you’ve achieved creating good habits will deteriorate because of the medicines. You’re weakening your defenses and on Wednesday you may have infections or illnesses.

Although your emotional life is great and you feel  you’re improving at work, on Thursday and Friday health will get worse and inevitably you’ll feel decayed, almost depressed.

Tuesday will be a special day that will fill you with energy and motivation to try out some movements to free you from muscular pains. At the weekend physical exercise like yoga or reiki may open up new horizons of healthy lifestyle.